Kami Sabune-Sheriff

Elder Justice Care Manager & Victim Advocate


Kami Sabune, MSW, with over 25 years of experience serving families, has extensive experience in Social Work, Counseling, and Early Elementary Education Management. Ms. Sabune achieves successful outcomes with her clients through education, empowering, mentoring, and advocating for families. Her career has given her the opportunity to work with individuals of all ages and with a wide variety of backgrounds. Ms. Sabune says that her calling is to help others navigate life’s hardships.

Ms. Sabune‘s passion for work in Social Services stems from her strong bond with her grandfather who passed away in 1994 due to Parkinsons disease.  “My grandfather actively volunteered in his community and aided others when they needed help. I watched how his service and support transformed the lives of many. I share his compassion and joy for helping others in need. My work with Corporation of Guardianship – working with seniors in our community who are disabled, abused, exploited, neglected – is fulfilling and I am proud to be a part of CoG’s mission.”