For Professionals

The Corporation of Guardianship (CoG) places great value on its long-standing cooperative working relationships with key agencies, institutions, and stakeholders throughout North Carolina and across the country. Collaboration with the legal and financial communities is central to the work that CoG does and not only benefits the clients themselves, but the professionals as well.

We already enjoy strong working relationships with a vast network of professionals who share our vision of a better life for older adults and persons with disabilities, and we are always seeking opportunities to cultivate new partnerships that will allow us to provide more holistic and comprehensive services. CoG receives referrals from and makes referrals to a wide variety of professionals who work to support the needs of individuals with disabilities and older adults.

Whether you are an attorney, financial planner, non-profit or for-profit provider of services, we are here to assist you and your clients in navigating the services and supports available for older adults and individuals with disabilities. We can meet with you and your client at his or her home or business, at your office, or at our office to discuss our services and assist in identifying the best approach to meet the needs of your client.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE TO ATTORNEYS: CoG discourages attorneys from naming us in legal documents without consulting with us first. While anyone can nominate us to serve in any legal document, CoG may not have the resources or capacity to accept all appointments.  If a prospective client would like to nominate us for a future fiduciary role in their legal documents, we encourage them to complete our intake process upfront.  The intake process includes a review of the legal documents as well as the client’s finances, personal preferences, and expectations for the scope of services.

To refer a prospective client to CoG, please CONTACT US to discuss the specific circumstances of the case. We will then schedule a meeting, either in person or over the phone, with the prospective client and/or their representative.

Please visit FORMS for helpful information and documents related to CoG’s services.