If CoG is serving a client in the role of Guardian, Trustee or Power-of-Attorney, we can also serve as Representative Payee. As Representative Payee, Corporation of Guardianship has the following required responsibilities as outlined by the Social Security Administration:
– Determine the beneficiary’s needs and use their payments to meet those needs.
– Save any money left after meeting the beneficiary’s current needs in an interest-bearing account or savings bonds for the beneficiary’s future needs.
– Report any changes or events which could affect the beneficiary’s eligibility for benefits or payment.
– Keep records of all payments received and how we spent and saved them.
– Provide benefit information to social service agencies or medical facilities that serve the beneficiary.
– Help the beneficiary get medical treatment when needed.
– Report any changes that would affect CoG’s ability to continue serving as Representative Payee.
– Complete written reports accounting for our use of funds.
– Return any payments to which the beneficiary is not entitled to the Social Security Administration.